All Google Apps in One

Clovery is an app that integrates all your favorite Google services tightly with your Mac & PC, lets you access these services quickly and work more productively.

v17.13.1 (Release Notes). Linux, 64-bit.

Also available on WebCatalog.

Also available on   Mac | Windows.


Quick Access

Clovery lets you run and organize Google services, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Tasks, Google Keep, Google Drive, YouTube, YouTube Music and many more in a single place and switch between them easily using keyboard shortcuts. Your workflow is cleaner than ever, finding what you need is easy.

Clovery also allows you to set Clovery + Gmail as your default email client and Clovery + Google Calendar as your default calendar app.


Security & Privacy

Clovery lets you lock & protect your private information from sneaky eyes with password or Touch ID.



Clovery gives you the ability to customize everything, including icons and colors, notification scheduling, ads & tracker blocking, dark theme and much much more. You can also attach the app to menu bar to access the app even more quickly.

* Clovery works with most Google services, including: Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Translate, Google Maps, Google Keep, Google Tasks, YouTube Music, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Play, Google News, Messages, Google Contacts, Google Voice, Google Earth, Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Hangouts, Google Search, Google Duo, Google Chat, Google Analytics, Google Podcasts, YouTube TV, Google Stadia, Google Cloud Platform, Google Forms, Google Find My Device, Google Finance, YouTube Kids, Waze, Google Search Console, Google Play Console, Google One, Google Admin, Google Sites, Google My Business, Google Ads, AppSheet, Google Trends, Firebase, Google Arts & Culture, Google Shopping, Google Travel, Google Vault, Kaggle, Blogger, Google Flights, Google Groups, Currents.